1958 Edsels Factory Prototypes & Publicity Photos
1958 Edsel Roundup   Dealership Items
1959 Edsels Salvage Yard Edsels
1960 Edsels Edsel Hoards
Canadian Edsels Special Use & Custom Creations
Toys/Scale Edsels Edsel Rarities & Oddities
  Assorted Literature

Special Thanks:     Dan Crossman is known in classic car circles as a true Edsel aficionado.  In the late 1990's he launched "Edsel Unlimited", a collection of Edsel photographs from around the globe.  Eventually the website was transformed into The Edsel Tinsmith, specializing in the research of Japanese tin Edsels.

The image collection was donated to Edsel.com, to become the framework of the new Edsel Gallery.  We look forward to the continued expansion of this display of Edsel history in the years to come.