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Reel One - The Edsel Citation
Front 3/4
Huge honkin' trunk
Polo anyone?
Convertible, bird's eye view
Disembodied speedometer
Sittin' on the dock of the bay
View from the car behind

Reel Two - The Edsel Corsair
Tricked-out E-475
Nice door trim
On the test track
Rear 3/4 view
Love that nose!
Bundle of joy
The white glove treatment

Reel Three - The Edsel Pacer
Bird's eye view of convertible
"Missed the driveway, hon?"
View from the driver's seat
Convertible side view
Kroger's having a special on bread!
Hardtop front seat
Stylish golf cart

Reel Four - The Edsel Ranger
Yeah, it's a chick magnet.
Hardtop front seat
Yeah, it's a dude magnet.
Sedan front seat
Modern styling
Powerful E-400
Go on.  Impress your boss.

Reel Five - The Edsel Station Wagons
Looks like a lemon. Tree.
Bermuda on the stairs
Roundup from the black lagoon.
Really big golf cart
Front seat
Who needs a work truck?
Plenty of cargo room.