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  Edsels of Canada

7,440 Edsels rolled off the lines at Ford's Oakville, Ontario plant, all of them 1958-59 hardtops and four-door sedans.  (Convertibles, wagons and all 1960 models had to be imported from the States.)  Canadian Edsels were available in colors not offered on those built in the U.S.  They were often painted the same colors as other Oakville Ford products.

Canadian Edsels have several distinct spotting features, namely engine colors and the use of white steering columns and wheels.  There were variations in upholstery as well, including the use of big series cloth in some of the small series cars.  Other distinctly Canadian features were the occasional use of Citation-style signature trim in the scallops of small series cars, as well as the installation of E475 motors.  According to the late Herman Smith, curator of Ford Canada, five Ranger/Pacers left the factory with the big motors.  It should also be noted that plenty of Oakville '59s were built with 292s.  Despite its absence from showroom literature and service publications, this motor was indeed used in Canadian cars.

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Examples of the white steering columns & wheels

Examples of engine paint colors

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