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  Edsel Hoards

Let's face it.  Once you own an Edsel, there's no higher goal to achieve.  What's the only way to feed the human need to advance?  Acquire another Edsel!  And sometimes another.  And another..

Until you end up suffering from a condition known as the "Edsel Hoard Syndrome".  Edsels in the garage, in the barn, in the yard, in the neighbor's yard.  You sit on your bedsel* thinking thoughts that include "How can I build an underground storage area UNDER my Edsels to hold more Edsels?", and "I'm still missing a Lilac Metallic '60 wagon to complete the collection".

It happens more often than you'd think (and would happen a LOT more often were it not for the lack of funds, space and spousal pressures that combine to surpress the mass virus-like spread of EHS.)

Here are some examples of known Edsel Hoards:

Hugh Leslie's "Lemon Grove"
Others from across the USA



*Bedsel: A bed or couch that has actual Edsel sheetmetal, chrome and lights as part of the structure.  No kidding - they really exist!