Edsels Rescued

This number doesn't simply indicate the number of Edsels that were listed as "SOLD" on the Edsels For Sale web page.

To be qualified for this designation, the Edsel Pages have to be RESPONSIBLE for saving an Edsel.  Listed above is the documented number of cases where an owner has personally written to say that if it weren't for the Edsel Pages, the car would not be on the road today.


Edsels #33 & #34:

December 29, 2011
"I wanted to let you know that the Ranger in the add number 348 is sold.  It came home with me to be with 20-plus friends of his he may have seen at the dealership or factory. The only other person who went to look at it was a scrap metal guy... It will see the road again! Chalk one more saved by the Edsel Pages.

10 years ago I bought my first Edsel from the Edsel.com web site from a Gary S. in the Bay Area of CA.  I had not bough any Edsels or been in any clubs for 8 years and bought another Edsel from the bay area.  I got there, looked around and it felt like deja-vu.  Suddenly I asked him, "did you sell a young guy a 59 Villager wagon in green with no reverse almost 10 years ago?"  It was the same guy!  You could chalk up one ad for one car to saving 2 cars that time, 10 years or so apart!"
-William Cooke III

Edsel #32:

October 10, 2004
"I have sold one of my cars because of these ads."
-Dan Hanusa

Edsel #31:

September 19, 2003
"Add my '60 Edsel 2-door sedan to your documented cases of Esels saved because of Edsel.com.  I sold it to a man in Colorado.  Thanks for the ad, I appreciate it."
-Matt McLaughlin
Friendship, WI

Edsel #30:

September 12, 2003
"I wish to thank you for your help in saving my dad's edsel from the crusher.  Andy came today to take it to it's new home.  I feel good that maybe it might be restored or its parts help other to be restored."
-Charles G. Lynch
Bluefield, WV

Edsel #29:

March 28, 2002
"Add one more to the list.  My wife was given the opportunity to purchase a 'non-running' 1959 Edsel Ranger sedan for $500.00.  The car is complete, but in need of cosmetic restoration.  The owner had decided to sell it for scrap, but gave my wife first shot at it.

She consulted many web-sites on Edsels (finding yours to be her favorite) and decided to 'save' this car.  We are the third owners of a Talisman Red and White car with only 49,000 actual miles.  Since the car had been running up until 2 years ago, I decided to try and start her.  After an afternoon of putting on new belts, hoses, flushing coolant and oil, and draining and re-filling the brake system, I gave her a crank.  One three-second blast of starter fluid, and she purrs like a kitten!

We are now in the process of replacing the brake system and wheel bearings (she drove the 90 miles to our place just fine, but you know the old adage - Safety First, Last, and Always) and will later do a quicky engine overhaul (new seals, check valves, test generator, etc.)  Then begins the work on the interior and exterior details.

Thanks for such a good web-page. Without it, I doubt my wife would have fallen in love with such a fine car, and it probably would have seen the scrap heap."
-Peter Polley
Benson, AZ

Edsel #28:

October 27, 2001
"Today I bought a 58 Villager that I found on Edsel.com.  After getting the title, the seller realized he'd had the car sitting in his yard for 30 years.  I'm hoping to have the car back out on the road within a few months.  Thanks for all the information you provide on your site.  The entire site factored heavily in my decision to purchase this Edsel."
-Steve Burton

Edsel #27:

October 17, 2001
"The Pacer convertible has been sold.  The buyer did find my car advertised for sale here, and I thank you for posting ads and maintaining this site.  The car went to a rabid Edsel lover who had a 58 when he was in high school.  Its nice to know a car as nice as this one was will be in the hands of an owner who appreciates it as much as I did."
-John Walker

Edsel #26:

September 4, 2001
"The buyer found us through Edsel.com.  We had many inquiries, but the first inquiry took it."
-Delman Gaddie

Edsel #25:

December 13, 2000
"When I placed the ad on your site, it sold within a month.  If only I had a few hundred Edsels to sell, I'd be sold out by now."
-Al Fitzgerald

Edsel #24:

November 12, 2000
"Just wanted to let you know that I sold my 1958 Edsel Pacer for $2400, which may have been too cheap, but the man I sold it to was a real Edsel buff who is going to restore it himself.  Thanks for all your help and of course your great web site which helped me to find a good home for my dad's Edsel."
-Dianne Sullivan

Edsel #23:

October 2, 2000
"We had a 1958 Pacer convertible listed on July 15, 2000 and sold it to one of the first inquiries which happened to be a gentleman in Sweden!  I spent the rest of the summer helping him work out transportation to a port and then shipping!  Thank you for providing your site.  We probably have had 20+ inquiries.  Please add us to Edsels Rescued as we never would have restored the car ourselves."
-Jeff and Lindy

Edsel #22:

September 10, 2000
"In total I probably got about 8 inquires off of the ad and that is where the person that bought the car found it.  It was sold to a guy that wants to restore it, so another Edsel saved.  Thanks for all your help."
-Carol Boram-Hays

Edsel #21:

September 1, 2000
"Both Edsels are sold.  The 58 sold for $500 and the 59 sold for $450.  Thanks again for all your help.  I will highly recommend your site."
-Karen Roy

Edsel #20:

August 28, 2000
"(We) sold the car thanks to the ad!!!!  Thanks for posting it.  It went to a fellow Edsel lover, so we know it got a good home!  Thanks again!"

Edsel #19:

August 28, 2000
"The ad was helpful; our first inquiry, (in fact the guy who bought the car) was at 7:05 AM the next morning from your insertion.  In addition we had about nine other contacts resulting from the notice; Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Maine, and of course California."
-Joe Peters

Edsel #18:

August 14, 2000
"We purchased a 1959 Corsair posted on your web site.  We drove from Marysville, Washington over the weekend and drove back home some 1800 miles later.  I have registered the car on your on-line registration site.  We're very excited to give the California car a new home in Washington."
-Ed & Kathy O'Malley

Edsel #17:

July 27, 2000
"Just a note to let you know I sold my Roundup for the asking price.  This was the only site that I had it listed on, so I must say that despite the fact it took a while for the right guy to find it, it worked!"
-Randy Rarick

Edsel #16:

June 27, 2000
"1959 Corsair for 7200.00 sold from your ad for 6500.00  Thank You."
-Dick Richmond

Edsel #15:

May 10, 2000
"Thanks so much for the on-line ad.  My Ranger was sold to an Edsel guy who found out about my car through Edsel.com's classifieds.  Couldn't have done it without you!"
-Brian Stone

Edsel #14:

March 15, 2000
"The ad was terrific I got 4 calls and emails the first day and it sold full price to the first call!  Thank you!"
-Michael Levick

Edsel #13:

March 5, 2000
"I sold the 58 Citation to a nice fella in Boston.  I strongly believe your ad sold the car.  Thanks, I owe you one."
-Dale Corbin

Edsel #12:

February 22, 2000
"Your site helped me decide to purchase my Ranger.  I love the car and my wife and myself are enjoying the restoring process.  Thanks again for all the information, and please add our car to the Edsels saved counter."
-Adam in California

Edsel #11:

January 23, 2000
"Would you please remove the ad placed on 11/17/99 for a 59 Ranger 4-Door Sedan.  The car belonged to a friend in Kelowna BC and I have just learned that he sold it the other day to someone who had seen the ad on your web page.  Thanx for a great service!"
-Peter McGowan

Edsel #10:

January 19, 2000
"I am writing to tell you that I have sold my Edsel (with) the ad you placed for me.  Sincere thanks as I am sure it was helpful in the sale."
-Mike Greeley

Edsel #9:

January 16, 2000
"Thanks so much for placing my ad in the (on-line) pages yesterday.  Believe it or not, the Ranger sold THIS MORNING!  A kid here in San Francisco called at around 7:00 AM, showed up at the house about 90 minutes later, and tried to buy both of the cars!  (I have another 58 Ranger for a driver).  Anyhow, he plopped out the cash, and he and his buddy drove the little Ranger away.  Thanks again!"
-Tony La Motta

Edsel #8:

December 29, 1999
"Please accept the thanks of our nonprofit organization for allowing us to offer this car on your website.  The car sold today, for $4500.00, to a gentleman who saw it on this site.
These funds were needed to help pay for renovating our facility, and your website has made a number of new fans (2-legged and 4-legged)!  Should we receive any inquiries from other Edsel buyers, we shall refer them to your EXCELLENT site!
-The Humane Society of Williamson County, Texas

Edsel #7:

December 22, 1999
"Thank you for letting me list my Edsel with you.  It has sold to a collector in New York and will go to a good home.  He found it from your service.  Thanks again."
-Chuck Harley

Edsel #6:

December 14, 1999
"The Bermuda sold locally with an ad in the paper, the Pacer sold to an Edsel guy in Portland, Oregon who saw the ad on your web site.  Thank you for your wonderful service."
-Ron Osborn

Edsel #5:

November 30, 1999
"I had the 58 turquoise Edsel Citation and Pacer parts car listed.  They both sold two days later over the internet, one goes to Kentucky and the Pacer to Michigan.  Both new owners sent cashiers checks, they both thought I had good deals.  The Pacer will also be restored he said it was way too good of shape to be parted out.  Again thank you, I did not ever think they would go that fast."
-Reba Spears

Edsel #4:

September 8, 1999
"Yes, the online listing did help sell the car.  Thanks!"

Edsel #3:

July 7, 1999
"I think your Website is great.  I am in the process of buying one of your posted cars right now."

Edsel #2:

May 12, 1999
"Thanks to your ad on the Edsel Page we sold our 58 Ranger to a father and son restoring one exactly like ours.  They were like two little kids when they saw it, and couldn't wait to get it back home.  I wanted you to know that the crusher didn't get this one and hopefully most of it will be back on the road soon.  Thanks again!"
-John & Carolyn Nantz

Edsel #1:

March 12, 1999
"I am writing to inform you of the sale of one of my two Edsels.  I sold the sedan but still have the Hard Top for sale.  The Edsel is going to Colorado to a Thomas Tramutolo.  I would like to take the time to thank you.  I would not have been able to connect with this person for the sale of my Edsel.  You provided me a wonderful service and all who are either looking to sell or purchase an Edsel or parts.  I will continue to have my hard top for sale as listed.  Thank you for your help."

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