1959 Dataplate

1959 Edsel Data Plate

The 1959 Edsel data plate is 3-1/2 inches wide by 1-3/4 inches high.
Printed on the plate are patent numbers issued to Ford, and the letters "MEL" for Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln.  This plate is specific to the 1959 Edsel - Mercury and Lincoln had their own names on their plates.

The first stamped line contains codes to identify the engine, model year, place of manufacture, body style and consecutive unit number.  The second line identifies the body style, number of doors, colors, interior trim, date of manufacture and other drivetrain options.

Engine Code: Model Year:   Manufacturing Plant:

Body Series Code: Serial Number:

Body Style Code:

Color Code:

(Up to 3 letters.  First letter is the main body color, the second is for the roof and side insert and the rear panel on the station wagon.  A "1" in the third position will indicate two-tone.)

Trim Code:

Manufacture Date Code:

Transmission Code: Rear Axle Code:

Additional Information

Accessories Included:
Lever-Temp Heater/Defroster Padded Dash and Sun Visors Dual Exhaust
Air Conditioning Padded Sun Visors Exhaust Deflectors
Overdrive Transmission Two-tone Paint Color-keyed Floor Mats
Column Automatic Transmission Curb Feelers Hooded Side Mirror
Standard Radio Rocker Panel Mouldings Oval Side Mirror
Dual Rear Deck Antennae Electric Wipers Remote controlled Side Mirror
Power Antenna Parking Brake Warning Light No-Glare Rear-view Mirror
Rear Speaker Spotlight Courtesy Lights
Power Steering Electronic Trunk Release Back-up Lights
Power Seats Positive-Action Windshield Wipers License Plate Frames
Power Windows Windshield Washer Engine Compartment Light
Power Brakes Rear Seat Foam Cushions Luggage Compartment Light
Whitewall Tires Seat Belts Glove Box Light
Wheel Covers Oil Filter Locking Gas Cap
Wheel Covers with Spinner Extra Cooling Fan/Radiator Rear Door Safety Locks
Tinted Glass Heavy Duty Battery Other Factory Option
Dealer or Aftermarket Accessories:
Continental Kit Fender Skirts Other Dealer-installed
Roof Rack (Villager) Bubble Skirts Other Aftermarket

Current Condition:



Owned by:

Owned since:

Current Location:

Email Address:
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