Edsel.com: Registry Form


There's an ever-increasing chance that your Edsel is already listed.  This is because whenever an Edsel is sold on the Edsel Pages, on-line auctions, or Edsel club classifieds, and the VIN is included, the car's history will get updated in the Edsel Registry.

To add or update your Edsel Registry entry, you need only your car's dataplate information.

The Edsel patent plate information is located between or above the hinges of the driver's door.  The two lines of stamped codes make up the car's Vehicle Identification number.


Alternate Method 1: Sending through E-Mail

If you'd prefer not to step through the automated screens, you can send your Edsel's information directly via email.  Follow these steps:

Step 1.
  Highlight the following lines, and copy them, using your browser's COPY command:

  First Line of Data Plate (REQUIRED):
  Second Line of Data Plate:
  Model (Ranger/Pacer/Citation/Corsair/etc):
  Condition (Scrapped/Salvageable/Runs/Drives/Drives Well/Show Car/Trailered):
  Originality (Factory Original/Some updated parts/Minor Modifications/Customized):
  Accessories included (Power options/Clock/Wheel covers/etc..):
  Owned since (month/year):
  E-Mail Address:
  WWW Address (If your Edsel is already on-line):
  Any additional notes about this Edsel that you'd like included in the Registry:

Step 2.
  Press Here to send e-mail (or start your email system).

Step 3.
  Paste the selected text into the body of the e-mail message.

Step 4.
  Fill in the blanks.

Step 5.
  If you have a small scanned photo of this car, you can include it as an attachment to the email message.  If it's already available on a web site, please include the path name in the email message instead.

Step 6.
  Send the e-mail, and your Edsel's information will be validated and added to the Registry in a few days.

Alternate Method 2: Responding to E-Mail

If you are using an Internet appliance that does not have the ability to copy the text, please send email to Registry@Edsel.com and ask that the registration form be sent to you.  Then simply fill in the blanks and hit "Reply".

Questions or problems?  Please contact Edsel.com for answers!