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Besides advertising and car reviews, the Edsel (and references to the Edsel) have appeared many times in the media, from movies and television to music, books, board games and more.  Sometimes in a supporting role but many times as the star.  Sure, the Tucker got some publicity a while back, but it's no match for the following list of hits that the Edsel played a role in..

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For the nitpicker in you:  In "Peggy Sue Got Married", she goes back to the year 1960.
Yet her dad's new car (complete with new car sticker) is a 1958 Edsel...

Likewise, in the Andy Griffith Show episode, "The Return of Barney Fife", Barney drives into Mayberry in his stock turquoise 1958 Edsel convertible.  Andy asks him if the car is a 1961 model, and Barney replies, "It's a '60 but it has a '61 grille".  (Huh?!)

Perhaps not surprisingly, Don Knotts is the current record holder for appearing in the Most Edsel Reference projects (3: The Andy Griffith Show, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and How to Frame a Figg.)

In "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", Pee-Wee Herman "drives" his '59 Edsel convertible while the gear shift is clearly in Park.

Is it coincidence that the same team of Robert Zemeckis/Bob Gale/Steven Speilberg
promoted the 1958 and 1959 Edsels in both "Used Cars" and "Back to the Future II"?

And what's up with the Edsel-bashing over at Nickelodeon??  There are now at least three references to cartoon Edsels that are lemons.  Granted, nearly every Edsel owner has experienced the performance (or lack thereof) of these cartoon models, but it still stings..

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