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In February of 1959, Ford Motor Company executives sent a letter to the remaining Edsel dealerships expressing their confidence in the Edsel line, and that the all new 1960 model would be introduced in October.  Even though research had indicated that Edsel could not make it through another year with the negative publicity that surrounded the name, Ford decided to give the car one last chance.

To keep costs as low as possible, as well as to drop the signature "horsecollar" look, the 1960 Edsel shared
1960 Ford the same mechanics and body style as the 1960 Ford Fairlane series.  The trim was modified to distinguish them - the Edsel's grille had an hourglass center (which was very reminiscent of the 1959 Pontiac Bonneville) and distinctive vertical taillights that were raised off of the rear deck.  A single chrome spear tapered from the front wheelwell to the rear bumper.

Even though the car was advertised as "New - Nifty - Thrifty", sales of the Edsel of 1960 never materialized.  As production was being cut back in the factory, the few remaining Edsel-only dealerships either terminated their status or became dual franchises with Lincoln/Mercury.

Just over a month after it's introduction, the Edsel was discontinued.

1960 Edsel Facts:

1960 Edsel Specifications & Photos - Model Specific

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Ranger 2d Sedan

1960 Edsel Ranger
2-Door Sedan

Owned by

Model Number: 64A
Total Production: 777
Original Sticker Price: $2,643
Curb Weight (lbs): 3601
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 56.86

Ranger 4d Sedan

1960 Edsel Ranger
4-Door Sedan

Owned by Rod Brenneman, Corvallis, OR

Model Number: 58A (Standard interior trim)
Total Production: 1,126

Model Number: 58B (Deluxe interior trim)
Total Production: 162

Original Sticker Price: $2,697
Curb Weight (lbs): 3700
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 56.86

Ranger 2d Hardtop

1960 Edsel Ranger
2-Door Hardtop

Owned by Stephen Wagner, Columbus, OH

Model Number: 63A (Standard interior trim)
Total Production: 243

Model Number: 63B (Deluxe interior trim)
Total Production: 52

Original Sticker Price: $2,705
Curb Weight (lbs): 3641
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 56.86

Ranger 4d Hardtop

1960 Edsel Ranger
4-Door Hardtop

Owned by Dave Sinclair, Eagle ID

Model Number: 57A (Standard interior trim)
Total Production: 104

Model Number: 57B (Deluxe interior trim)
Total Production: 31

Original Sticker Price: $2,770
Curb Weight (lbs): 3718
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 56.86

Note the extra chrome panel on the rear door C-frame, unique to the 4-door hardtop.

Ranger 2d Conv

1960 Edsel Ranger
2-Door Convertible

Owned by Howard Harris, Orchard Hill, GA

Model Number: 76B
Total Production: 76
Original Sticker Price: $3,000
Curb Weight (lbs): 3836
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 57.11

Villager 6P Wagon

1960 Edsel Villager
4-Door 6-Passenger Wagon

Owned by

Model Number: 71F
Total Production: 216
Original Sticker Price: $2,989
Curb Weight (lbs): 4029
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 58.20

Villager 9P Wagon

1960 Edsel Villager
4-Door 9-Passenger Wagon

Owned by Jim & Paula Perrault, Canal Winchester, OH

Model Number: 71E
Total Production: 59
Original Sticker Price: $3,072
Curb Weight (lbs): 4046
Length (in.): 216.0
Width (in.): 81.5
Height (in.): 58.20

1960 Edsel Specifications - all models


Economy 6 (L6 223) Optional for all models
145 hp, bore: 3.62 stroke: 3.60, compr ratio: 8.4:1, firing order: 1-5-3-6-2-4, torque: 206 ft-lb

Ranger V8 (V8 292) Standard for all models
185 hp, bore: 3.75 stroke: 3.30, compr ratio: 8.8:1, firing order: 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2, torque: 292 ft-lb

Express V8 (V8 352) Optional for all models
300 hp, bore: 4.00 stroke: 3.50, compr ratio: 9.6:1, firing order: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8, torque: 300 ft-lb

All Edsel engines for 1960 used Champion spark plugs, 18mm with 0.032 - 0.036 gap


Ranger sedan & hardtop: 7.50 x 14
(Front 24 psi, Rear 22 psi)

Villager & Ranger convertible: 8.00 x 14
(Same, except Villager, with Rear 26 psi)

There are no 1960 Edsel-specific wheel covers - the 1958 (with spinner) or 1959 Edsel wheel covers were used.
Wheel spinners (a chrome circle the size of the "E" with three spears that mount to the wheel cover) were not standard, but dealers may have used them as a higher-priced option.
Alternatively, the 1960 Edsel could come equipped with the Edsel "dog dish" hub caps.  Measuring 10.5 inches in diameter and sporting a ring of 36 black squares, there are no markings on the cap to indicate the car's marque.  At the Edsel owner's request, dealers could also equip the car with 1960 Ford hub caps.

Colors and Interiors

A total of 15 different single colors could be ordered for a 1960 Edsel:
Black Velvet
Cadet Blue Metallic
Hawaiian Blue*
Alaskan Gold Metallic*
Regal Red
Turquoise Metallic
Polar White
Sahara Beige
Lilac Metallic
Buttercup Yellow
Sherwood Green Metallic
Bronze Rose Metallic
Seafoam Green
Cloud Silver Metallic
*Celebrating both Alaska and Hawaii being admitted into the United States in 1959.

All 1960 Edsel colors were also standard on Ford or Mercury, under different names.
Ranger sedan and hardtops were available in 38 different two-tone combinations.

Interior trim - Deluxe
Red with Gray cloth
Silver with Gray cloth
Turquoise with Turquoise cloth

Interior trim - Standard
Red with Black cloth
Silver with Black cloth
Blue with Black cloth
Green with Brown cloth
Beige with Brown cloth

Other Specifications of the 1960 Edsel

Wheelbase (in.): 120.0
Ground Clearance (in): 5.5
Overhang (in) - Front: 35.6 Rear: 60.8
Headroom (in) - Front: 34 Rear: 33.9
Shoulder room (in) - Front: 59.5 Rear: 61
Hip room (in) Front: 62.2 Rear: 63.6
Leg room (in) Front: 43.3 Rear: 41.6

Turning circle dia. (ft): 40.5
Brake lining area (sq in): 198.1
Fuel tank capacity (gal): 20
Cooling system capacity - 6 cyl (qt): 15 (16 if equipped with heater)
Cooling system capacity - 8 cyl (qt): 19 (20 if equipped with heater)
Transmission capacity - Fordomatic (qt): 10
Transmission capacity - Manual (pt): 3
Crankcase capacity - 6 cyl (qt): 4 (5 if equipped with filter)
Crankcase capacity - 8 cyl (qt): 5 (6 if equipped with filter)
Differential capacity (pt): 4.5

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