Dataplate specifications
Pacer, 2-door hardtop (Export model), Powder Blue with Snow White
Red and white interior

361cid E-400 V8 for export, Column-shift automatic transmission
Edsel number 700058, its assembly plant and production date are unknown

Information as of:  November 2006

Owner:   Roman Kuss
Location:   Munich, Germany
Owned since:   October 2006

Mileage:   unknown
Condition:   Bearly running/does not drive
Originality:   All parts are factory authentic

Accessories included:   Dial-Temp Heater/Defroster, Column Automatic Transmission, Standard Radio, Power Antenna, Rear Speaker, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Whitewall Tires, Wheel Covers with Spinner, Seat Belts, Two-tone Paint, Tachometer, Electric Clock, Positive-Action Windshield Wipers, Windshield Washer, Front Bumper Guards, Rear Bumper Guards, Oil Filter, Paper Air Cleaner, Dual Exhaust, Color-keyed Floor Mats, Courtesy Lights, Back-up Lights, Engine Compartment Light, Luggage Compartment Light, Glove Box Light, Locking Gas Cap

Another European Mystery Dataplate.
The exterior is Powder Blue and White Two-Tone, and the interior is Ember Red and White (the passenger seat back is even in two-tone as the driver's).  The production date must be 1957 because it has no carpet and coloumn-shift-automatic (but it has the big backup-lights).

Export model even because of the speedometer that shows km/h (up to 200).  Another speciality is that the horn ring of the steering wheel is closed through all of the three parts.

The spinner hubcaps have White appliques, the engine color is light blue with red valve covers and white E-400 writing (Maybe a Canadian model even if hasn`t a white steering wheel?  Does anyone know where they produced the export-models for Europe?)

The first line of the dataplate is *G8ABXG700058*, and the second line is F63B.24.AX.66BIS-L*.  The dataplate must have been replaced because it's a Lincoln-Mercury Division dataplate that's a bit too big for the rivets.
I would be glad to hear from you.  Greetings from Germany!

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