Dataplate specifications
Citation, 4-door hardtop, Frost White
White vinyl/Gold cloth interior

"E-475" 410cid 345bhp V8, Teletouch automatic transmission, 2.91:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 705089 manufactured for export in Wayne, MI

Information as of:  December 2002

Owner:   The government of Laos
Location:   The Royal Museum, Luoang Phrabang, Laos
Owned since:   1958

Mileage:   8,953 kilometers (about 5,500 miles)
Condition:   Dirty, leather dry, four flat tires.  Glass, body, chrome - showroom.  In dry storage but has as not been moved for 28 years.
Originality:   Likely the most original Edsel in the world, PERIOD.  Original battery, mufflers and pipes, spare or jack never touched, original Firestone 500 tires with factory tightened lug nuts.  Maybe has the original crankcase oil from the factory!
Only modifications are the front doors bears the King's three Elephant crest in black and a pair of chromed flag holders are screwed to the front fenders.

Accessories included:   Can't be sure but I bet it is loaded.  I know it had A/T, leather seats, power windows, full wheelcovers.

From Dr. Walter Warpeha, who visited the museum in 2000:

This car was a Coronation gift for the King of Laos from the people of the United States in 1958.  Communists took over in 1974, destroyed all Western influences but saved these cars!

This is one of four cars in the King's Garage.  Also '58 Continental III Limo (5351 km), '70 Continental Mark III (1118 km) and a Mercedes coupe.  This FoMoCo trio has to be the rarest Ford products outside the Ford museum.

The two '58s were reported to be coronation gifts to the King by President Eisenhower.  After the takeover, the Royal family was imprisoned and died in captivity.  It is likely the cars were never touched afer that.

The summer Palace has just reopened to the public in recent years.  To see the cars the garage admission is an extra 1000 kip or 25 cents!  Bring a flashlight, the garage is dark.  Sorry, no pictures allowed.

Laos is not an easy place to visit.  If you go to Thailand's city of Chiang Ria, it is a short flight to the delightful city of Luoang Phrabang on the Mecong River.

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