Dataplate specifications
Citation, 2-door hardtop, Chalk Pink with Frost White and Charcoal Brown Metallic
Pink vinyl/Brown cloth interior

"E-475" 410cid 345bhp V8, Teletouch automatic transmission, 2.91:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 703900 manufactured in Wayne, MI on October 30, 1957

Information as of:  September 2009

Owner:   Greg Corcoran
Location:   Colorado
Owned since:   October 2008

Mileage:   02,452
Condition:   Bearly running/does not drive
Originality:   Minor customization

Accessories included:   Dial-Temp Heater/Defroster, Teletouch Automatic Transmission, Rear Speaker, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Whitewall Tires, Wheel Covers with Spinner, Tinted Glass, Padded Dash and Sun Visors, Seat Belts, Tri-tone Paint, Rocker Panel Mouldings, Tachometer, Electric Clock, Windshield Washer, Front & Rear Bumper Guards, Oil Filter, Paper Air Cleaner, Dual Exhaust, Carpet, Hooded Side Mirror, No-Glare Rear-view Mirror, Back-up Lights, License Plate Frames, Engine Compartment Light, Luggage Compartment Light, Locking Gas Cap

I'm the 4th owner.  3rd owner states mileage is 202,452.
The car was sold new at Bob Jones in Denver.  Its second owner used the car as a tow car for his race car.  Modified car for trailer towing: CB long whip antenna, fold out mirror on right fender, trailer hitch, electric fuel pump, '63 or '64 Ford Galaxie brake booster and MC in place of Treadle-Vac, '63 Lincoln Carter AFB carb in place of Holley.  Interior redone in '70s in grey velour (yuck!).  Sat in a barn for 24 years until October 2008.

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