Dataplate specifications
Villager, 4-door 6-pass wagon, Jadeglint Green with Snow White
Green vinyl/Gold cloth

223 Econo-Six, 3-speed manual transmission, 3.89:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 734809 manufactured in Louisville, KY on April 23, 1959

Information as of:  May 2006

Owner:   Charlie Kiser
Location:   Grayson, Kentucky
Owned since:   August 1998

Mileage:   unknown
Condition:   Drives very well
Originality:   Customized cruiser

Accessories included:   Lever-Temp Heater/Defroster, Overdrive Transmission, Two-tone Paint, Dual Exhaust, Roof Rack, Other Aftermarket

I bought this car at an IEC meet in New York in (I think) 1998.  It was a very solid car with some of the poorest body work I have ever seen.  Someone had replaced the r quarter (damage-not rust) and slapped about an inch of bondo on top of it to bring it up to window level.  When you drove down the road and looked in the rear view mirror it looked like it was snowing due to the paint flaking and blowing off the top.

The 6 cylinder had been replaced with a 360 FE engine.  Only problem was that someone had attempted to make their own intake gaskets (which would have added about $15 to the cost).  I know it's an old joke, but I can honestly say that this car would get more miles to a gallon of gas than a gallon of oil when I first got it.  I had the quarter panel de-bondoed and aligned as best we could.  It was painted in its original colors.  I had a good 428 (non CJ) engine and a T85 overdrive installed.  It now looks good, runs strong and gets halfway decent (about 16 mpg) mileage.  It has a luggage rack, dog dish hubcaps and a radio blank out plate.

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