Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 4-door sedan, President Red with Snow White
Silver vinyl/black cloth interior

223 Econo-Six, 3-speed manual transmission, 3.56:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 718671 manufactured in Louisville, KY on January 6, 1959

Information as of:  January 2009

Owner:   unknown (online auction car)
Location:   Jasper, Indiana
Owned since:   unknown

Mileage:   94,486
Condition:   Solid, needs engine work
Originality:   Non-Edsel wheel covers and red interior

Accessories included:   Radio

Super sharp old car, very little bondo and it is truly a head turner.  This car appears to have the original paint, but I am not positive.  The interior was restored in the past 5 to 7 years I am estimating.  The interior looks great.  Not a lot of information on the engine.  The owner believes the rings are stuck, and there is some smoking to the car.

Working radio and dash clock.  The car looks great from about 7 feet away.  It looks fine up close but isn't perfect.  There is a ding on the roof, and the front left parking light cover is busted.

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