Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 4-door hardtop, Dark Aqua with Snow White
Buff vinyl/gold cloth interior

292 Ranger V8, Mile-o-matic 2-speed transmission, 3.10:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 710165 manufactured in Louisville, KY on November 29, 1958

Information as of:  February 2003

Owner:   Steven J. Patrick
Location:   Chillicothe, Ohio
Owned since:   August 2002

Mileage:   75,000
Condition:   Parts car
Originality:   All parts are factory authentic for the car

Accessories included:   Radio, Clock, Wheel Covers, Rear Speaker

This particular 59 Edsel Ranger was dismantled by a gentleman 25 years ago who planned to put it back together one day, but his health would not let him complete his dream.  I purchased the car from his wife as he now resides in a nursing home.  The car has been let go too long.  I am using what pieces I can salvage from this car to restore another one.  I may have some pieces left over that someone else could use.  If you need something let me know.

The engine was completely rebuilt 25 years ago, but has never driven the car.  The owner before me saw a leak at the transmission when he started up the rebuilt engine.  He shut down the car to order new gaskets and never went back to the car again.

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