Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 4-door hardtop, Jet Black
Silver vinyl/black cloth interior

223 Econo-Six, 3-speed manual transmission, 3.56:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 707046 manufactured in Louisville, KY on November 11, 1958

Information as of:  October 2002

Owner:   Rob Hawkins
Location:   Macungie, Pennsylvania
Owned since:   September 2002

Mileage:   70,000
Condition:   Drives well
Originality:   All parts are factory authentic for the car

Accessories included:   Wheel Covers, Clock

Purchased recently at Das Aus Fescht in Macungie, PA from a fellow who bought it in Kansas when he was there 6 years ago for his brother's wedding.

It has 3 bullet holes in it, right rear door, front right fender, and right front grill.  Would love to know the story behind them... little reluctant to fix them...

It's a standard shift 6-cyl in excellent shape.  Love driving it to work once a week and turning a lot of heads!

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