Dataplate specifications
Corsair, 2-door hardtop, Redwood Metallic with Snow White
Redwood vinyl and cloth

332 Express V8, Mile-o-matic 2-speed transmission, 2.91:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 700223 manufactured in Louisville, KY on September 25, 1958

Information as of:  July 2008

Owner:   Sebastian Leeman
Location:   Etna, Maine
Owned since:   May 2008

Mileage:   78,569
Condition:   In restoration
Originality:   All parts are factory authentic

Accessories included:   Column Automatic Transmission, Standard Radio, Power Antenna, Power Steering, Whitewall Tires, Wheel Covers with Spinner, Two-tone Paint, Dual Exhaust, Exhaust Deflectors, Oval Side Mirror, Remote controlled Side Mirror, No-Glare Rear-view Mirror, License Plate Frames

When I bought the car, the guy said it had a 410 in it but the vin number says it has a 332.  It's only missing a few trim pieces.  It needs a paint job, reupholstery and rechromed.

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