Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 4-door sedan

292 Ranger V8, automatic transmission
Edsel number 702058 manufactured in Louisville, KY

Information as of:  May 2004

Owner:   unknown (online auction car)
Location:   Fort Myers, Florida
Owned since:   unknown

Mileage:   110,000
Condition:   Drives well
Originality:   Modified into a convertible

Accessories included:   Power Steering, Power top

This is a magnificent conversion, which cannot be told from a real 1960 Convertible.  This Edsel was just driven from Ohio to Orlando with no problems enroute, for an Edsel show, and was judged at 304 points out of 400.  The judges were amazed because they could not see any welded seams and could not find out how this conversion was done.  Everything Edsel is on this car, which is Seafoam Green, a very light green, with green interior.  Ford never made a '60 green convertible, but it was available on non-convertible 60 Edsels.  A gorgeous looking car!

It's titled as a convertible.  The conversion was created by using a '60 Edsel 4-door sedan and a '60 Ford convertible that was wrecked.  The frame was bent from a head-on collision, but the quarters were OK and were used.  The Edsel platform and front and rear were merged to make the convertible.  The convertible frame's X-member was cut out but never merged into the Edsel frame, and then it somehow got lost.

A '60 convertible parts car has been located and an Edsel expert will weld this X-member to our convertible.

The mechanics on this car are great, you can drive it anywhere!  Beautiful chrome front and back, and the interior is very nice.

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