Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 4-door sedan

292 Ranger V8
Edsel number 700676 manufactured in Louisville, KY

Information as of:  July 2003

Owner:   Cal Kendall
Location:   Las Cruces, New Mexico
Owned since:   1980

Mileage:   58,000
Condition:   Scrapped approx. 1981
Originality:   N/A

Accessories included:   unknown

This car was purchased by my father in 1980 for parts.  The car was located in a field just outside of Pueblo, Colorado, where it had been sitting for many years.  The glass and body were completely bullet-ridden with very little left salvageable.  It was relocated to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where it was stripped of the few useful parts and taken to salvage.  The ID plate remains in my possession.

Information as of:  1980

Owner:   Oliver Kendall
Location:   Pueblo, Colorado
Owned since:   unknown

Mileage:   unknown
Condition:   unknown
Originality:   unknown

Accessories included:   unknown


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