Dataplate specifications
Corsair, 4-door hardtop, Powder Blue with Royal Blue Metallic
Blue vinyl and cloth interior

"E-475" 410cid 345bhp V8, Teletouch automatic transmission, 2.91:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 700653 manufactured in Somerville, MA on July 26, 1957

Information as of:  November 2001

Owner:   Erich J. Brewer
Location:   Missouri
Owned since:   October 2000

Mileage:   89,104.9
Condition:   Poor but salvageable
Originality:   All parts are believed to be original

Accessories included:   See notes.

October 2001:
Manual windows, manual steering and brakes, "475" engine (holley carb), push button automatic transmission, clock, fender mounted outside mirrors, two-tone blue, appears to be largely intact including all 4 hubcaps.  Missing hood ornament, both front fender side chrome, radio antenna, steering wheel center medallion, outside taillight lenses, one letter "E" right hand rear, and fuel gauge bezel and lens.  Dash toggle switches extremely brittle (something I found out the hard way).  It was found next to barn outside Centralia, Missouri where it had been for over 30 years.  I am told the car was running when parked.  The car had been up on blocks from which it had fallen some years ago and was very difficult to remove from the hole the rear end had made for itself.  The car was originally priced to me at $1000 as it had been supposedly sold for some years before to a person who never returned.  After lengthy discussion and a promise to make it road worthy again the car was given to me.

November 2001:
Since my original report on my 1958 Edsel I have recovered both the original front fender chrome strips (one of which is bent but I think could be straightened) and the radio antenna mast leaving only pieces of the antenna base missing though the largest portion is still mounted to the fender.  The car does have reverse lights though I have not looked closely enough to see if it has one of the complete lighting package options.  Both the engine and transmission are still full of oil which appears to be in good condition, and the motor is free as I have turned it manually.  All the rubber pieces are severely dry rotted but in place for restoration reference, and the intake ducting hose from the LH fender to the air cleaner is nothing but the wire coil.  The windshield wipers do appear to be the vacuum type.  All the glass in the car is intact and not chipped, cracked or broken though the lamination is bubbling and discolored in places.  (I am interested in information on how to restore this glass)  The vinyl and seat cushions appear to be in very good condition though the cloth coverings on the front seat are destroyed (still in place but basically disolves when touched).  The back seat covering is in surprisingly good condition though there is sun damage to the rearmost corners of the seat back.  The headliner is a total loss.  The glove box interior is perfect as is the factory radio.  I even have what I believe to be the original keys to the car.  The car has front and rear bumper guards though the rubber portions are in very poor condition.  The spare tire well in the truck floor was unfortunately damaged during the cars removal from its home for the last 33 years, and I have yet to gain access to the trunk.  The key does work in the lock but the latch does not release or it is obstructed by something as I can move the lid almost an inch.  There is what appears to be an engine block in the trunk seen through the damage to the floor.  The factory carpet is still in place though in very bad condition and there is a complete hole in the LH floorpan and covering below the accelerator pedal.  The lower door panels are in poor condition as well.  Aside from the floorpans, the worst rust if not really the only noteworthy rust on the car is in the foreword section of the hood.  The aforementioned missing or damaged beyond repair items I am looking for as this car will be restored.  (hood ornament, dash switches, fuel gauge bezel and lens, letter "E" for RH quarter panel, steering wheel center medallion, outside two taillight lenses, new rubber for the bumper guards, air cleaner inlet ducting, and I am sure plenty of other pieces to follow)  I do not yet know the full condition of the brakes though I am not holding out grand hopes given their prolonged stay semi submerged in the ground.

As far as ownership history, I know the car was purchased by the people from whom I received it on 4-29-68 for $275.00.  They had the car re-painted after purchase and then it was driven directly to where I removed it, making the cars hibernation 33 years.  The owner before that had only owned the car since 4-16-64.  The history of the car before that I still do not know.

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