Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 2-door hardtop, Horizon Blue
Blue cloth/white vinyl interior

361cid E-400 V8, Teletouch automatic transmission, 2.91:1 axle ratio
Edsel number 704916 manufactured in San Jose, CA on November 21, 1957

Information as of:  February 2002

Owner:   keith@roadrider.com
Location:   Manchester, United Kingdom
Owned since:   February 1989

Mileage:   76,500
Condition:   Show car
Originality:   Stock, with a few updated parts

Accessories included:   Teletouch Automatic Transmission, Standard Radio, Electric Clock

Imported to UK in 1989, the car has all original parts except for a stainless steel exhaust system and re-trimmed trunk.  Repainted in 1992.  Edsel Owners Club Inc. green sticker still on side window, "I love my Edsel" key fob still with the car.
I use the car to tow my Nostalgia dragster.

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