Dataplate specifications
Ranger, 2-door sedan, Snow White with Spruce Green Metallic
Green cloth interior

361cid E-400 V8, 3-speed/overdrive transmission
Edsel number 703004 manufactured in San Jose, CA

Information as of:  January 2003

Owner:   unknown (online auction car)
Location:   Prescott, Arizona
Owned since:   unknown

Mileage:   unknown
Condition:   Show car
Originality:   Scripts, hood ornament removed and filled, side-pipes added

Accessories included:   Dial-Temp Heater/Air Conditioner, Overdrive Transmission, Radio, Whitewall Tires, Wheel Covers with Spinner, Tinted Glass, Bubble Skirts

Her name is Louise and she has a long history of winning auto shows.  She commands attention when she enters the room and turns every head when she cruises by.
This car is a true museum piece directly from 1958 in perfect showroom quality condition.  This 1958 Edsel Ranger needs no work whatsoever.  The 400 cubic inch engine is so clean you could almost eat off it.  This show car has a 3-speed manual transmission with the shifter on the column and an original pull-lever on the lower dash that you pull out when the car is going 50 mph to engage the roar of the overdrive beast.  The interior and exterior are in pristine condition.  All gauges and components are in full working order.  The factory air conditioning is fully functional but intentionally disconnected to preserve and limit wear on the system and can be easily reconnected.  The odometer milage reads 2,040 but cannot be guaranteed due to the limits of historical records at the DMV.  No history of damage ever.  This car is owned by a retired doctor who no longer has the time to show it.  This car has only been transported to shows and driven one hour a week on sunny summer afternoons.
Original new car purchase contract price in 1957 was $2,307

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