Dataplate specifications
Corsair, 4-door sedan, light blue with white

361 Super Express V8, Dual-Power 3-speed automatic transmission
Edsel number 523707 manufactured in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Information as of:  December 2006

Owner:   Floyd M. Cody
Location:   Milk River, Alberta
Owned since:   In the family since 1958

Mileage:   111,614
Condition:   Restored
Originality:   Stock, with modern engine components

Accessories included:   Power steering, power brakes, working tube radio, rear speaker, clock (not working), electric variable speed wipers c/w liquid windshield washers, deluxe seats, navy blue carpet, tinted windshield, full concave wheel covers, block heater.

Ths Edsel 4-door Corsair was ordered by my Dad in 1958.  He was a farmer and a very intelligent man.  He knew what equipment he wanted on this car.
It was delivered as a new 1959 in the late fall of 1958 to our local Ford - Mercury - Edsel dealer.  I was 8 years old at the time and was there when they unloaded it from the truck.  All together our family at the time numbered 9 with Mom and Dad, and the Edsel took us to many events.  My Dad sold the car to me in 1969 for $1.  I drove it for 6 months and then stored it until the fall of 1997 when it underwent a thorough restoration by myself and family.  After 17 months it was back on the road and is still a VERY strong runner.

Engine is the 361 built to the Ford GT engines specifications.  Four barrel Holley 600 CFM carb.  Transmission is the 3-speed automatic ordered with the car.  Transmission was rebuilt at a nearby city where thay had the parts IN STOCK!  It was finished in 4 days.

Rear axle is 2:69 to 1 so is slow off the line but a real performer on the open road.  Milage has been consistant between 17 and 19 MPG at 65 MPH.

Also, when Dad ordered the car he received an entire shop manual.  So when the restoration took place with all new front end and suspension parts, we had all the factory torque specs.  In fact, and I hate to brag but, the restoration was so complete, that I had to do an entire pre-delivery inspection to myself for this car.  This is because when first time we had it out, we took it to church, about 6 miles away.  Returning home we heard a distinct humming noise.  The wheel nuts had all come loose.  So according to the Edsel Shop Manual, I had to do a PDI.  Pretty neat.

Will send pics when my boys get home with their fancy camera.  The car is Polar White over a beautiful pastel blue.  A real '50s head turner.

And at this time I would like to Thank Mr. Gary Fakely for his help and advice for the restoration of our family car.

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