Dataplate specifications
Corsair, 4-door hardtop, Spruce Green Metallic with Frost White
Green vinyl and cloth interior

"E-475" 410cid 345bhp V8, Teletouch automatic transmission
Edsel number 700714 manufactured in Los Angeles, CA

Information as of:  June 2008

Owner:   unknown (online auction car)
Location:   Ogden, Utah
Owned since:   2008

Mileage:   96,011
Condition:   Drives, but needs restoration
Originality:   Stock, with a few updated parts

Accessories included:   Radio, Power Brakes

This Edsel is all original.  I bought it from a guy who had the car for 14 years (1994-2008).  He worked on it a little bit, ran it once in awhile but never drove it on the road.  The former owner had bought the car from the original owner (1957-1994) who had in 1994 rebuilt the motor, rebuilt the trans, newer starter, newer exhaust, and reinforced rear suspension.  The original owner put only 500 miles on all the rebuilt then passed away.

This classic does start, run and drive, however it needs something done with the power brake booster.  You do have brakes, but no power brakes.  It could use a tune up, carb clean, new windshiled (has a crack), body and paint work, and very minor interior work.

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