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Last Update:  February 2016

New Stuff:

February 2016:  OK, better late than never, I suppose.  Almost a year after the last EPT update, we finally have another one.  But it's a BIG one!  New cars appear on these pages:
  • 1958 Edsel Hardtops, Page 1 (Thank you, Norm Nolder)

  • 1959 Edsel Hardtops (Thank you, Norm Nolder)

  • 1959 Edsel Convertibles (Thank you, Norm Nolder)

  • 1960 Edsel Hardtops (Thank you, Mike Cowles and Norm Nolder)

  • Various and Sundry - See Exhibit 7 for pics of the Hunter Motors showroom!  (Thank you, Ed Hunter)

  • Now appearing on ALL pages - just to amuse myself - is an Edselized "Back to main page" icon.

I still have lotsa stuff to post.  Stay tuned!

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