Promo Boxes


Edsel promos were issued in all kinds of boxes!

To your right is the ol' reliable turquoise and white HT, with its box and certificate explaining how you can get one of these.  All Dad's gotta do is take a test drive!

Exhibit 1

This box was used for late 58s, all 59s, and even some 60s. Classic "World of Tomorrow" fifties-future look!

Note the white box at far right, with a toy-store Edsel parked in front of it.  How did this box make it through AMT Quality Control?

Exhibit 2

Bottom design of the box shown above, as used for 1958 models.

Exhibit 3

Bottom design of box as used for at least some 1959 and 1960 models. Note different lettering compared to bottom of 1958 box above.


Exhibit 4

End flap of box above. It reads "EDSEL DeLUXE FLY. 11E WHITE BLUE."

  • FLY is short for "flywheel," i.e., friction motor.
  • 11E is an AMT manufacturing code.
  • You might think that the WHITE BLUE color scheme designation means "White with Blue trim," but in fact it means the exact opposite - blue with white trim.
Exhibit 5

Nifty box used for some 1958 promos. The Edsel promo shown with it is a toy-store car (as evidenced by the gold scallop), but this box was also used for dealer promos.  See the next picture.

Exhibit 6

End flap of same style of 58 promo box as shown in Exhibit 5.  However, the car perched atop this box is a true dealer promo - White body with Powder Blue scallops and top.

As was pointed out in Exhibit 4, note the "backward" color designation - BLUE WHITE means a White Edsel with Blue trim.

Exhibit 7

Plain Jane box used for some 1958 promos, and perhaps other years as well.

Exhibit 8

End flap of Plain Jane box above. With a color designation of BLUE WHITE, this one is for a White Edsel with Blue trim - just like the car in Exhibit 6.  Why the different boxes?  Hafta ask AMT.


Exhibit 9

Another end flap of a plain box. Note that this time, instead of just 'Blue' and 'White,' we get the o-fficial Edsel colors of Frost White and Sunset Coral.  As explained above, the first color is the trim, so the Edsel that drove out of this box was coral with white trim.

Note that this box is marked 'EDSEL FLY. DELUXE' instead of 'EDSEL DeLUXE FLY.'  Note also that it does not have the AMT '11E' product code.  This marking configuration has been seen on other boxes that identify the official Edsel colors rather than simply generic colors.

Exhibit 10

All boxes, great and small! Early-issue turquoise-and-white 1958 hardtops came in a custom green-and-white Edsel box. Shown here also is an original shipping carton that held twelve of these critters.

Exhibit 11

Very cool 1960 promo box (left), with box end shown at far right.  This box was introduced once existing supplies of the Exhibit 1 box were exhausted, and was probably used for both toy-store cars and dealer promo cars.


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