A Big E salute to the following folks, sites, etc., who have contributed to Edsel Promo Time in one way or another:

Steve Butler, who provided the multi-box photo on the Promo Boxes page. This image (and some other neat Edsel stuff) appears in his book Promotional Cars & Trucks 1934 - 1983.

Jeffery Cocking, who contributed a never-seen dark blue metallic 58 HT and a bright red 59 HT.

Mike Cowles, who continues to share great images from his unbelievably fabulous collection!

Dan Crossman, who gave me some of my earliest and best bits of info on promos. Check out his Edsel Tinsmith site, which includes a comprehensive gallery of Japanese tin toy Edsels.

Bob Ellsworth, who has contributed pictures - AND gave Edsel Promo Time a new lease on life by adding it to!

Steve Engeman, who provided a pic of a nice sahara beige 1960 HT.

Joshua Glenn, who provided a pic of a rare 1958 gray metallic HT.

Ed Hunter, who provided pics of his beautifully crafted Hunter Motors dealership.  See the Various and Sundry page.

Brian Jeffers, who provided a pic of a super 1958 copper metallic HT.

Jim Lutz, who has provided a pic or two - and some nifty info - along the way.

Mark Nagel, who has provided a whole SLEW of excellent pics!

Norm Nolder, who has contributed a plethora of awesome pics of Edsels promos of all years.  Oh, and click here to see Norm at work at his Honda dealership.  Would you buy a used car from this man?

Jim Ondracek, who helped me out in the 1959 color department.

Jim Peeler, who has contributed mucho great pics.  Jim is the proprietor of Smith Motor Company, an extraordinarily creative Edsel site that contains some promo images (and lots, lots more!).

Phil Skinner, who seems to know his promos!  Phil has kindly shared his incredible wealth of Edsel promo knowledge.

Dave Truex, who explained the air intake thing to me; ditto with the interior door styling.

Ronald van der Velden, who offered a straightforward procedure for ameliorating that annoying trunk warp that plagues virtually every 1958 Edsel hardtop.

Good ol' eBay, from whose unsuspecting sellers I have lifted the occasional graphic for this site. Of course, eBay is a top source for Edsel promos (and, goodness knows, just about everything else!).


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