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Here you'll find a list of collectible "Edsel-bilia".  Models, promotional cars, toys.. anything that celebrates the existence of the Edsel is included, and more items are coming to light every week!  If you have something that should be included or updated, please contact us.

1958 Plastic/Resin Models

"Promo"s, or promotional plastic scale models, came in single, two-tone and tri-tone versions of the 1958 Pacer 2-door hardtop, and were released to Edsel dealerships to promote sales. The popular green & white promo was given away to potential buyers upon completion of a test drive in the new Edsel.
"A $2.00 Value", proclaimed the advertisements.

For a complete history of the Edsel Promo, visit Edsel Promo Time

AMT issued their first "3-in-1" kits in 1958.  Included in the series was the Pacer hardtop (AMT catalog number 8EKHT) and Pacer convertible (8EK).  They were basically the promo car in kit form, with racing and customizing parts included.

Anguplas Siku Anguplas released a 1958 convertible plastic model, in 1:86 scale.

Siku released a similar 1958 Citation Hardtop (Catalog #98).  Both were pre-built, and were never re-issued.

Ferrero, producer of HO-scale plastic cars, released a crude 1958 Citation convertible in blue with white trim.

Lionel trains issued a flatbed rail car (#17548 of the "Route 66" collection) with two 1958 Bermuda Wagons along for the ride.  (Submitted by Mike Williams)
In 1967, AMT released a 1958 Edsel Pacer "Funny car" kit (catalog number 6758). This model resembles the promo in body style only.  It's jacked up and has an outhouse door as a front bumper!

1996 saw the release of Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink '58 Edsel, a cartoon come to life in 1:25th scale.

Pacer A resin kit of a 1958 Edsel Pacer 2-dr HT is available from Modelhaus, 5480 Traughber Road, Decatur, IL 62521, (217) 864-4402.  It currently retails for around $62.  (Photo/model paint by G Blanston)
Bermuda A resin kit of a 1958 Edsel Bermuda wagon is available from ALL AMERICAN MODELS, 22 South 16th Street, Lafayette, IN 47905   765-423-4565. (Photo/model paint by G Blanston)
AMT Pacer  In August 1999, AMT/Ertl released the long-anticipated 1:25th scale plastic Pacer Hardtop.  (See more of this kit at the Livonia, Michigan IPMS web site)
AMT Pacer Redux  This same kit was re-issued with new box art in June 2003.  The Red/White Edsel appears over a brown and tan checkerboard background with a strip of road running vertically down the left side.
AMT Pacer  Soon after the AMT kit was released, they also produced the Pacer 2-door Hardtop in a pre-painted "Custom Shop" edition.  All of the parts come pre-painted to authentic colors, and are packaged individually (right down to the bumper guard pads!) so your Edsel is complete in a matter of hours.

This same kit was also released in a "tan checkerboard and road" box like the unpainted version.
AMT Pacer III  In September 2000, AMT released a third version of the Pacer 2-door Hardtop kit, this time including fender skirts and a continental kit.  Unlike the previous two kits that have a photo of an actual red Pacer on the box, this version's box art shows the model painted in green.
AMT Pacer IV  AMT again cashed in on the model's enormous popularity, releasing a fourth version of the car in August 2001.  The AMT "Masterpiece" series features the Pacer 2-door hardtop pre-assembled and highly detailed.  The production run was limited to 5000, and each car is serialized.

1958 Die Cast

1:64 & 1:65 Scale

Racing Champions Edsels

Beginning in 1997, Racing Champions has released a series of 1:65th scale Edsels.  To date there are 18 versions of these adult collectibles:

Muscle Machines 2005  The first new Edsel collectibles of 2005 were released by Action Performance, with their two new 1958 Edsel Pacer 2-door hardtops in their Muscle Machines series of 1:64 diecast -
A yellow and brown (#05-21) version...
...and a black and red version (#05-15).

Hot Wheels 2009-2013  In 2009, Hot Wheels released a 1958 Edsel Pacer hardtop in their "Hot Wheels Classics" fifth series.  The car is painted "Spectraflame" Blue with white top and scallop.
The car was released in standard (hard plastic 5-spoke wheels) and, for the first time in their Classics series, a limited edition "chase car" version with rubber whitewall tires.
A few months after the blue version was released, a second dark violet/silver version hit the stores.
The first dark version chase car was spotted in late August 2009.
Like its pink sibling, this limited edition version came with rubber whitewall tires.
Around the same time, the "Walmart Exclusive" Spectraflame Pink version hit the stores as part of a 30-car set.  It has the rubber whitewall tires like the other chase cars, and was not sold individually.
A Spectraflame Green with white scallop version became available in February 2010 as part of the "Larry's Garage" collection.  The chase car in this series has Larry's initials (LRW) printed in the chassis.
In the late summer of 2010, a back body and scallop, red roof version was released in the "Larry's Garage" collection.  The car runs on "Real Riders", whitewall tires with chrome spoke rims.
This was followed-up with an orange and white "Larry's Garage" Edsel, with unique orange-tinted windows and light blue interior.  Imaginations are starting to run wild over at Hot Wheels.
In February 2013, the "American Graffiti" Edsel appeared on store shelves.  This series commemorates the 40th anniversary of the film's release.

1:43 Scale

Brooklin, a British toy manufacturer, issued their first 1:43-scale Edsels 1986.  The cars are highly detailed and quite heavy for their size.
Brooklin 22  The Brooklin Model 22 is a Citation 2-door hardtop in Sunset Coral and Frost White.  There are variations of this car - one with gold scallop shield/letters, one with black, as well as a Coral that's tinted with Lilac.
Brooklin 22x  In 1991, the Citation was released in Ember Red and Frost White, in a limited 500-piece run.
Brooklin 22a  The Brooklin Model 22A is a Citation 2-door hardtop in Spruce Green Metallic and Frost White.  The car was released in 1992 and includes a continental kit.
Brooklin 22x  In 1992, Brooklin introduced an Edsel Citation convertible version in limited edition.  The Frost White and Ember Red version had 450 units produced.
Brooklin 22x  The Jet Black and Ember Red version was limited to 50 pieces.

Mini Marque  Minimarque is another producer of white metal scale Edsels, and in May 2006, the Citation hardtop was released in Jonquil Yellow and Jet Black (model GRB-20), Jet Black/Ember Red (GRB-21), Spruce Green Metallic/Snow White (GRB-22), and Copper Metallic/Snow White (GRB-23).  These are all 4-door hardtops.

Other known Minimarque 1958 Edsel Citation 2-door models (GRB-78) include:
Chalk Pink hardtop
Ember Red hardtop
Ember Red convertible (open)
Ember Red convertible (closed)
Coral hardtop
Coral convertible (open)
Coral convertible (closed)
Turquoise hardtop
Turquoise convertible (open)
Turquoise convertible (closed)
Royal Blue hardtop
Royal Blue convertible (open)
Royal Blue convertible (closed)
Powder Blue convertible (open)

Scallop slopes down  In the mid-1980s, The Franklin Mint released a series of 1950's cars in 1:43 scale.  Included in the set was a 1958 Citation convertible, which had an unnatural slope to the side scallops - not typical of The Franklin Mint's quality.
Danbury Ford-100  The Danbury Mint entered the 1:43 scale Edsel arena with their "Ford-100 Centennial Collection" introduced in early 2003.  There are ten FoMoCo cars in the display, including a coral and white 1958 Bermuda station wagon.
MiniChamps  On July 9, 2004, Minichamps released a new version of the Danbury Mint's "Ford-100" 1958 Bermuda, except this time around the color was Ember Red and white.  This had a limited run of 2544 units, which was stamped on the base.  No special box art, as it's plainly packaged.
MiniChamps  Taking a cue from others before them, on August 17, 2005, Minichamps released yet ANOTHER new version of the Danbury Mint's "Ford-100" 1958 Bermuda.  This time in a Spruce Green with white scallop and Driftwood roof, the car has a limited run of 1728 units, according to the base.
MiniChamps  Sometime in 2007, they released the 1958 Bermuda again, this time in Turquoise and Frost White.  It follows the path of an even smaller run than before with only 1,008 units produced, according to its base.

1:32 Scale

Natnl Motor Museum  The National Motor Museum Mint released an Ice-Green-on-White 1958 Citation 2-door hardtop in 1:32 scale.  Strangely, the hood opens from the front.  A real Edsel's hood is hinged in the front.  The model is not currently available from their online store.

1:24 Scale

Pink FM  The Franklin Mint issued a 1958 Citation convertible in 1:24 scale in December 1993.  Finished in Chalk Pink and Frost White, the model was regarded as a much improved work of art than the earlier 1:43 attempt.  It retailed new for $120 plus shipping.
Turquoise FM  In 1997, the Franklin Mint released a Turquoise and Frost White convertible for the same price.
Black FM  In On September 15, 2005, the Franklin Mint released a limited set of its 1:24 scale Citation in a black and red version.  The production run is only 1000 units, and each car comes with a plaque mounted in the trunk with its serial number.
Red FM  Late in 2007 the Franklin Mint once again released a limited set of its same 1:24 scale Citation, this time in a red with black version.  The production run is limited to 2500 units, and like its black with red counterpart, each car comes with a plaque mounted in the trunk with its serial number.
(Edsel trivia: The real Citation used as the master was yellow.  The car's owner was given six Edsel die casts from the Mint - each one in pre-production yellow!)
Ember Red DM  Not to be outdone, in 1996 The Danbury Mint offered an Ember Red 1958 Bermuda station wagon diecast replica in 1:24 scale.  According to many sources, this is the most accurate portrayal of an Edsel ever released in diecast form.
McDonalds DM  The Danbury Mint also released the wagon as a McDonald's promotional vehicle, in red with yellow lettering.
Horizon Blue DM  In 2004, Danbury created a limited number of the 1958 Bermuda in Horizon Blue, which were made available to their Classic Car Preview Society members only.

1:18 Scale

Road Legends began releasing a series of nicely detailed 1:18th scale Edsels in April 1999.  Among the available cars are five 1958 Citation convertibles, pink with white trim, black with red trim, red with white trim, dark blue with light blue trim, and a mint green with white trim.  The red and blue cars appeared in September 1999, while the green Citation entered the market in March 2003.  There are also at least two1958 Citation 2-door Hardtops, one pink and white, one red and black, that were issued in 1999.

In December 1999, the Fairfield Mint (not to be confused with "The Franklin Mint") issued a 1:18th scale Citation 2-door hardtop.  Painted black with red trim, the car is exactly the same size, color and model as the Road Legends Edsel listed above.

Toys R Us Exclusive Set  In Fall 2001, YatMing (again under the Road Legends logo) released a limited box set - a 1:18 scale gold 1958 Citation convertible bundled with a green 1948 Tucker Torpedo, available exclusively at "Toys R Us" stores.  The front of the box opens to display the cars, while a brief history of the cars adorns the inside cover.

1958 Japanese Tin/Friction Cars

There are over 100 versions of Edsels lithographed onto tin bodies of several different scales.   Many have friction motors, and details vary from ones with correct hood ornaments to ones that are bearly recognizable as Edsel.

Contact the Tinsmith, Dan Crossman, who can provide information on nearly any tin Edsel ever made.

1958 Other Toys

Micro Machines
Collection #8 (Detroit Classics) contained a 1958 Edsel Bermuda, with four other cars.

Slot Cars (1:76 Scale)
In October 1998, M.E.V. Originals released its first 1958 Edsel Ranger slot car, which is still available in many colors.  Visit them at tjets.com

Pedal cars
In 1957, the Edsel Division authorized a pedal car to be produced in the form of an Edsel.  But instead of making a smaller version of an exiting model, they created a new one - the Edsel Youngstar.   More details and photos of this very rare (150 built, 4 known to still exist) pedal car are in development.

1958 Other Collectibles

In 1995, Avon issued a 1958 Corsair 2-door hardtop decanter, in emerald green glass.
It contained 88 ml (3 fl. oz.) of Avon's "Original" aftershave lotion.

Decanter A second Edsel decanter was released in August 1999, and featured the 1958 Corsair 2-dr hardtop in clear glass, filled with 75 ml (2.5 fl. oz.) of Avon's "Black Suede" aftershave lotion.   It is priced at $9.99 from avon.com (Item # 300-832).

Ornament Christmas Ornaments
Hallmark issued a 1958 Citation convertible ornament, dated 1995, as part of their Collector's Series.  It came with a miniature Christmas tree sitting on the back seat.  Issue price was $17.00.

Card Greeting Cards
Ambassador/Hallmark produced a 1958 Citation card with Edsel history and specs on the back. The notes call the look of the Edsel "bizarre", which is compounded by the fact that they printed the card in reverse, with backwards-facing E-D-S-E-L, hood ornament and EOC badge!

Edsel Knife Knives
The Franklin Mint released a series of pocket knives, each with symbolic references to various car marques. One was a 1958 Edsel Citation knife, with a picture of a Pink Citation convertible in the center, and the Edsel "E" on the left. The blade was engraved with "1958 Edsel Citation".


Jell-O Brand Desserts issued a set of 200 "Picture Wheels" in Canada, each approximately 1-3/8" diameter. Number 172 of the series is a 1958 Corsair 4-door (Although the description below the illustration says it's a Citation.)
F.X. Schmid produced a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a detailed painting of a 1958 Citation Convertible in 1997.

Trading Cards
Packs of Doral Cigarettes in 2004 included one "America on the Road" trading card, with a photo on one side and auto facts on the back.  Card number 10 of the 26-card set is a 1958 Pacer in a silver metallic color.

1959 Plastic/Resin Models

Promotional models of the 1959 Corsair convertible were released to Edsel dealerships in late 1958.

AMT released 1:25th scale 1959 Corsair hardtop (2-HTK) and Corsair convertible (2-CK).

In 1963, the hardtop was molded in blue and re-released as part of AMT's snap together "Jr. Trophy" series.

A resin kit of a 1959 Corsair 2-door hardtop is reportedly available from Modelhaus, 5480 Traughber Road, Decatur, IL. 62521, (217) 864-4402 for around $62.
(Mike Renaut submitted details of a very clean resin kit that he acquired in an online auction.  Click on the image to view the components.)

1959 Die Cast

1:43 Scale

Western Models

In 2008, Western Models produced a series of white metal 1959 Corsair 4-door sedans, finished in President Red/Snow White, Mist Green/Snow White, Jet Stream Blue/Snow White, and Redwood Metallic/Snow White.  The first three were issued as the Collector Editions, which are numbered and include additional details such as color-coded spinner wheel covers, chrome interior pieces and improved lenses.

1960 Plastic/Resin Models

Promo 1 Promotional models of the 1960 Ranger convertible were molded in several colors, and although they're rare, they are many times more plentiful than the car itself! Bronze Promo

Promo 2
There are also 1960 Ranger 2-door hardtop promos, molded in White, Red, Blue and two-tone variations.
On these AMT-produced promos, the rear axle is connected to a friction motor.

1960 AMT kit For model kits, AMT comes through again with a 1:25th scale 1960 Ranger 2-door hardtop (2260)and Ranger convertible (22260).

A 1960 Ranger 2-door hardtop resin kit is available for around $54 from Modelhaus, 5480 Traughber Road, Decatur, IL 62521 (217) 864-4402.

1960 Die Cast

1:43 Scale

1960 Brooklin Blue In addition to 1958 Edsel white metal cars, in 1997 and 1998, Brooklin also produced a series of 1960 Edsels.
Brooklin 75: A Cadet Blue Ranger convertible with blue interior.
1960 Brooklin LE White Brooklin 75x: Same convertible in Polar White with red interior.  Limited to 250 pieces.
1960 Brooklin LE Black Brooklin 75x: Same convertible in Black Velvet with red interior.  Limited to 200 pieces.

1960 Other Toys

Slot Cars (1:76 Scale)
In May 2006, M.E.V. Originals released its first 1960 Edsel Ranger coupe slot car, which is still available in many colors.  Visit them at tjets.com

1960 Other Collectibles


Jell-O Brand Desserts issued a set of 200 "Picture Wheels" in Canada, each approximately 1-3/8" diameter.  Number 178 of the series is a rear-view of a 1960 Ranger 4-door sedan.