Reflections of the Edsel Days

By Tom Sneary February 8, 2001

Qualifications to become a District or Asst. District Manager

Our District Office

Theme and Main Reason for the Edsel

Dealer Selection Process


Selling Price

About the Author

Tom F. Sneary was Assistant District Manager, Edsel Division, Ford Motor Company, Dallas District from January 1957 to February 1958.  He was 38 years old at the time, some seven years the youngest of the 48 District and Assistant District Managers.
Upon graduation from Central High School, Kansas City, Missouri in 1936, Tom entered the Kansas City Junior College, with the ambition of becoming a CPA.  In the daytime he worked in the accounting department of the local Studebaker Distributor, Armacost Motor Company.  He became a commission new car salesman in 1938 until 1942, but continued his CPA studies at night.
In March 1942 he entered the U. S. Army as a Private.  He graduated from Infantry Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning, Georgia December 1942.  He served in Africa and Italy as an Infantry Platoon Leader.  He received three Purple Heart Medals, two Bronze Star Medals, one Silver Star Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.  He was released from the Army in September 1945 as a Captain.
He completed his work on his business administration degree at Northwestern University and graduated in June 1946.  He joined the Studebaker Corporation in July 1946 and became a District Sales Manager, serving in this capacity in Wichita, Kansas; Lexington, Kentucky; Louisville, Kentucky.  Tom then served as Assistant Zone Manager in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois until January 1957, at which time he became the Assistant District Manager, Edsel Division, Ford Motor Company, Dallas District with Bob Sanford, District Manager.

The author passed away on July 8, 2007 at the age of 88.